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Genealogy Files

The Woodbury Historical Society has put together a listing of family genealogies that you may find of interest in your search for your family records.  These names are ones that we have actual files and records. They may have a genealogy listing of families that date back before the Town was incorporated, in 1889.  They may have wills, deeds, birth certificates, letters, journals, pictures, etc. CLICK HERE to see the names on this list.

We also have many family cards which were put together, many years ago, by Emma McWhorter, Ellen Benjamin and Sammie Babcock, former Town Historians.  They combed through family bibles, cemetery records, Orange County Court Records, deeds and wills to put together these family cards.  They are listed on 4-6 index cards and some of the information dates back to before the American Revolution.  These cards will have a family name, some will have dates of marriages,  birth, deaths and names of children and who they may have married.  Some will list where they lived and what they did for a living.

If you need more information, would like to make an appointment to do research, please call Leslie Rose at 845 928 6770 or 6479 or email woodbury1889@optonline.net  or the email listed on our web site.  Thank you.

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